Wednesday, October 26

quiet Ecstasy (video clip)


And to think just how many men around the world, at that same time, dropped trou, lined up a personal go-to vid on their respective digital devices, or horny cam session for a stress-busting, midday wank and blow...

Countless men stroking their cocks and shooting their loads, EVERYWHERE!

Monday, September 26

"Horny Bstrds' slideshow video

"Horny Bstrds"

...even HORNIER to behold.

slideshow video featuring 

by Madonna

Wednesday, August 3

"Corporal Dane's First Gay Blowjob" (MEN IN VIDEO videoclip)


Raw Vice - Antonio Miracle BB Damien Crosse (videoclip)

"My Favorite Throatworkers" (Pornhub COMPILATION)


Big Cock

Blue Bailey 'The Cocksucker' (pornhub videoclip)

Saturday, May 7

Wednesday, February 24

Brock Masters nails intruder...RAW

BROCK Masters

Old school, dirty talkin', 
mega hung, Alpha Top

Among my 
All-time BEST/FAVE
Alpha TOP/Alpha COCK

Tuesday, February 9

In a fkn rush...(gif loops)

Smack it, suck it, kiss it, blow it, bite it, beat it, ride it....

Look at it, smell it, inhale it, feel it, hold it, taste it...

Worship, Service and then 
selfishly Fuck It...

And finally just settle in and

Cocksucking Roleplay (video clip)

~ ~ ~
LA Motorcycle Cop 
sucks, services and worships
 LA Fire Fighter

...ticks all the right boxes! 

...the video

~ ~ ~