Saturday, June 6

HungJarhead9x6 - Ass2Mouth Double-Dippin' Marine (Xtube video clip)

the most genuinely masculine, 
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Bareback Marine Breaks Butthole & Bed
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Double Dippin: Ass2Mouth Bareback Marine Fucks

 Smoking, fucking, barebacking, up close and tight shots of my fat thumper driving deeper and deeper into my buddy's sweet hole. Let's not forget the serious smoking I do while I get ass cleaned off my cock. Like a good puppy he laps up all the juice from his own hole and from my balls. Good puppy!

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"This is the best guys. Close-ups of my cock drilling my friend's hole followed by long deep thrusts. Then my friend swings his head around to my cock and dutifully cleans his piece, my cock. I smoke a few cigarettes then dump my load way up his hole. "