Thursday, May 21

Throbbing, Handsfree, Over The Edge (videoclips x 5)




Hetero Guys Open Up About Their Gay Porn Fetishes With Each Other

"It all started when a user by the name of “father_figa” posted this question on a Reddit AMA thread:
Do any straight guys watch gay porn as a fetish rather than an aspect of your sexual orientation?
Followed by this confession:
It is my guess that a lot of straight guys consume gay porn. It is also my guess that the stigma of doing so is far less than it used to be. Many people today consider transsexual porn to be primarily of interest to straight males. I view it all but do not consider myself gay. I have a very high sex drive and perhaps a smattering of sexual addictions. I am happy with myself and my gf is fully aware of this. So, guys, tell me if i’m the only one.
As it turns out, he’s not the only one.
The post received almost 75 comments from allegedly straight dudes the world over..."