Thursday, September 11

Get to know...BLACKEY MADISON (XXXcellent new site)

Greetings men (and maybe a few boys n ladies)!
How the fuck are ya all horny fuckers!

Well look who finally has his OWN site up and running - ME! 
That means it's time for YOU to get out the lube and squirt a few loads (or three!)!

Here's what you need to know:
  • NEW CONTENT will be uploaded DAILY for a few weeks, then at the very minimum weekly after that
  • You can watch stuff over and over as much as you want
  • The content library will only grow, nothing will be deleted until I reach over 300 Gigs worth of video files online (that's a fuck-ton!) and even then, I may be able to buy more space
  • My company name is BlackeyMadison, LLC
  • I'm currently like $3,000 in fucking DEBT - so any help (subscribe!) would be appreciated (I have to pay Visa $500 a year just to be able to take Visa)
  • As always, some stuff IS FUCKING FREE! I know some of you are horny but poor like me, and you deserve some porn too!

Why my own site?

Ya'll have been asking me to do this for years. Also, Xtube takes more than half, and you pay $4-8 PER VIDEO. Buy a few of mine and you have a monthly subscription! Also, I'm on facebook under Blackey Madison and will post site updates there as opposed to my Tumblr, which I reserve mostly for pics.

Where's the free stuff?!?!?!

What about Xtube???
  • For now I'll continue to have an Xtube account. The thing that sucks - Xtube FORBIDS me to email anyone through Xtube my site name or my personal email address or anything else that has the intent or impact of luring viewers away from Xtube to my own site. So maybe they will be ExTube soon, eh? No maybe not... we will see.

So - confused about my Xtube account and separate site?
My own site gives me complete flexibility, and your subscription goes directly to me so that I can improve upon my site! Main goal is to have it support itself so that I can cover operating costs, and HOPEFULLY buy more external hard drives as mine are currently about to explode with all the cumshots stored on them currently! Honestly, I could use a few new cameras also. Bottom line - better the site is supported, the more porn I can make for you all, including but not limited to: self sucking, self sucking outdoors, fucking boys, and then the rest of the fetishes you sick bastards like: seeing my ass eaten, me drinking my own piss and cum, and hopefully - me fucking a few women also.

Wednesday, September 3

Shadow Bator (video clip)


Options, options, options...(gif loops)

'Wel-cum' cumpilation (compilation video)

X Large COCK
XX horny bator

XXX horny cumpilation the end (video clip)

'' Ah, what's the difference...?!!?

", straight, bi, tri...
"We all finish ourselves off in the end anyway."
                                                                                                            'Karen Walker'