Wednesday, January 22

Careful what u wish for cockskr! (video clips)


Havin' a good fkn go...

tryin' it the FUCK on...

coppin' it dirty-sweet...

Call it whatever the fuck u want 
 and do whatever the fuck I tell u to...

Sunday, January 19

COCK Solo (video clips)




NYBuckeye..."Manhandles that COCK...handsfree"

Check out


...very hot mthr fuckr from 


" Damn good cocksucker in NYC/ HK. I like to take my time and get to know what makes you hard... Men who like being sucked after they cum are a huge +++
8x6 cut cock to share... love to have my cock worshipped by a man who takes his time and gets to know what makes me throb... 
And hey men- if you haven't unlocked the locator, how about a clue to where in the world you are? "

Friday, January 3

Lars Worships Leather jock (video clip)

It's fkn...
 'GO-Time !!!'


Description: Lars Svenson started up worshipping and licking Alex Martin's huge, thick pole, all the while worshipping the man's body! Then, he just spreads his legs and lets his top plow away into his ass, raw!