Thursday, July 4

Time for 'The Girth' (video)

Ain't no other ...

Yet another cocksucker
selflessly worshippingGirth's fkn THICK cock

Girth Brooks

(my) 'Bator Q & A' on it out!!!

Does your best friend know that you're a bator?
YES...and he's slowly evolving into a bator himself.

What is the most unusual place you've ever bated?
Mens public restroom at a mall back in my home state...

Describe what you like best about masturbation.
The absolute sense of power and masculinity I feel when pulling my cock out and just kickin' back, allowing it the freedom to do whatever comes naturally.

What's your favorite masturbation fantasy?
Having two or three boys restrain me, totally objectifying my cock...selfishly manhandling, stroking and sucking my cock without hesitation or a hint of inhibition...

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