Sunday, June 16

REPOST: 3 Strong sexy bators (video clips)

3 strong, sexy bators...
3 fistfuls of big, thick cock...
and topped-up with 
3 loads of creamy white cum.
~ ~ ~ 
Starting with a personal all-time favorite...
rock hard cock, horny strokin' technique and 
more masculine energy than 'The Avengers'...  
Is that cock of yours still rock hard?
 Craving some SERIOUS COCK???
Check-out my mega-HUNG, 
cockproud, horny bate buddy.
Still horny? Have a good slow pull and rub one out 
with this hung, sexy spunk...
Stroke your own throbbin' cock while pervin' on
 this beautiful bator's big fkn boner.

Keep pumpin' that cock, mate...
reckon (at least) one of these bators 
will get u off.

Be sure to drop me a line and let me know...
Which bator got YOU off...???

Saturday, June 15

'Bate It Forward' (XXX slideshow)

It's time...or soon will be...
As suggested by my husband...
extended slideshow music video...

16+ minutes to immerse yourself 
in a mesmerizing, sensual, 
slow paced visual orgasm...

 music slideshow/video

Friday, June 14

ahsomecock...from (ELP no.5)

( posted on
"...check out my Xtube under "ahsomecock."  

Dudes, let me tell you I love my cock and I love to bate! 

Love to edge an see where it takes me.

Love taking pics and making vids of my cock. 
Love talkin' 'bout my cock. 
Love jocks, boots, cock rings, cigars and gettin' real nasty with a bro.

I can get turned on to almost any age group, body type, looks, cock size - 

Although I usually can't hook up very often, 
(I am partnered and have a kid - don't hold that against me!), 
I love to bate with other buds! 

And just now gettin into camming and SKYPEing 
when I can get some alone time!"