Monday, May 20

LPSG forum: Str8 but like being naked w/other men...


Glad to see other straight guys who like chillin' naked with other straights. To me, nudity in front of your fellow MEN is a way to reaffirm your masculinity, there's no bullshit... You know how the other guys stack up to you, and you to them. I've always said you can tell a LOT about a Man through his dick size and his body type.

Hey bro, i am serious. Thanks internet I have found a group like this!!!! I am male 38 years old looking for other guys to bond with. I am not gay, I am not loooking for sex just brothers, pals, maltes etc!!!

Weekly for the past five year I hang out naked with other naked guys. I have a group of about 15 guys. Not all come every week. I usually have 6 to 8 every week. All straight guys - married and singles. Most in their 20s then 30s, then 40's. I met most of them at the gym. Fit guys - look good naked.

I have a pool in my yard, which is secluded, and sometimes two or three of us jump in naked to cool off. Three of them even did it one time when their girl friends were around, and it was all so relaxed and natural! It would be great if this turned into a regular event with more of us, but how do you say to a guy ""Would you like to come skinny-dipping with me and my buddies"?

Best way to bond. I hang out naked with a group of a few other guys at least once a week. I was raised a nudist and grew up playing sports so seeing friends naked is normal for me. A lot of guys are missing out on some good times and a great way to bond. Not a gay or straight thing, its a guy thing. More of my fellow straight dudes need to realize that.

Reminds me of the old days at the Y. Men were pretty relaxed, hanging out in the buff in the locker room or swam nude on men's days only. Not sure if the younger generation is more uptight about being seen naked by their buds.

Yeah, I really don't get why a lot of guys are so uptight, unless they have something to hide... which, hey, I guess I don't blame em for. But fuck, we're all MEN, am I right? Who gives a fuck. I totally agree with both fittxbud and puckstud.

Ok, so don't chuck me out..... I'm gay. But I really like being naked around other blokes. And not because I fancy them (well, not always!) but because it's an incredibly important male experience. Now, some gay men feel intimidated by it, cos of what straight blokes might assume. I think I was for years, and didn't allow myself to be in that situation. And - I guess, also due to fear of being sized up! But as I get older and more comfortable in my skin I see that I was missing out - as puckstud says. We all need to feel that it's natural and affirming. Being on this site has confirmed what I always thought: that all men appreciate other men's nakedness - and cocks - even if they find it awkward to admit. Hey, I understand that one! So - let's help each other and our fellow men by setting positive examples. I do so whenever I can, even if I do feel a bit intimidated, but am delighted that I've found the balls - better late than never, eh!

Friday, May 10

"First guy you ever saw hard?" ['RAW MASCULINITY' poll far]

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“First guy you ever saw hard?"

my father
  187 (12%)
my brother
  182 (12%)
my step-brother
  24 (1%)
my uncle
  72 (4%)
my cousin
  197 (13%)
my best friend
  339 (22%)
porn model (magazine)
  202 (13%)
porn model (video)
  98 (6%)
anonymous (public shower)
  92 (6%)
anonymous (public urinals)
  94 (6%)
my school/team mates
  164 (10%)
  66 (4%)
family friend
  64 (4%)
my first fuck
  98 (6%)

Total votes:


Thursday, May 9

Who's cock would you swap for your own for 48hrs? ( forum)

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Among DN members' COCKS, 
who's would you swap for your own for 48hrs? 
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I know I'll be very eager to revisit this thread whenever I come across a thick, masterfully circumsized, upward curved, cock with a thick, vascular shaft, and picture-perfect, circumsized, mushroom-shaped head that throbs when fully engorged, 8 -9 inches long...

Problem is (as my bf pointed-out)...I probably wouldn't want to share it for 90% of the 48 hr period......given what a narcissist I am, especially about my cock...

That's the cock I'd like to have swingin' between my legs for a couple of days...

I have to admit that I'd be VERY tempted to get that beautiful piece of meat fitted with a med gauge PA for my bating pleasure...