Sunday, April 28

Becoming a mate Rbaytopcock (video/pics)

Introducing my very good (bate) mate and
 alpha male 'apprentice'

Genuine man's man, dominant, cocky
and ruthlessly discerning...
...more inclined to hang-out alone,
enjoying his monster cock
than risk slumming-it
with forgettable or regrettable trade.
 This man is cock-centric, cock-proud
and an ever-evolving, skilled exhibitionist.
This stud definitely know his worth.
  Need I say more?!?!

RbayTOPCOCK's leakin'cock 

favorite sexual fantasy

Have a fantasy of being tied naked to a chair, my cock teased, licked, rubbed, ass and hole rubbed on my cock, made to suck cock, rim ass of the guy that tied me, precum gushing. 

Love rimming a great ass. All the more if the guy is in leather chaps. Hairy chests and facial hair is a a huge turn on. 

Feel free to send me a message guys, I TRY to respond to each and every one. Thanx to the guys that have sent me HOT fantasy stories, greatly appreciated.

The gym sauna or steamroom also sounds very HOT.

Want to be cruised in a public bathroom, then motioned into a cubicle for some real cock fun...

Want to be cruised in a public bathroom, then motioned into a cubicle for some real cock fun...

Any traffic cops wanna pull me over?

I have a HOT fantasy involving an executive, his office, my interview, showing how much I want the job, suits, ties, cocks sticking out of fitted trousers...

AKA: drpngcock


Sunday, April 21

Snap out of it boy...(gif loops)

Str8 Bator HOWLING Orgasm (video)

BadASS Bators (video compilation)

For the love of COCK

(video compilation)

Girth Brooks dicks another... (video preview)

Str8 HUNG Stud

Imprints: Showering with my brother-in-law (true story)

Response to bator online who asked about my first exposure to cock/masturbation...

Looks as though you've opened up Pandora's box with this one buddy own personal experiences of when I was initially exposed to cock and masturbation.

20 April 2013

Starting with my brother-in-law whom I showered with daily when I was just 5 yo (he was 22, Naval Officer) that age, I stood eye-level to his big cut cock, low hanging balls and thick black bush/treasure trail. He'd often call out for me to jump into the shower with him as he'd strip out of his uniform and then reach into the shower to prepare the water pressure and temperature.

This became a guilty fkn pleasure for me as I became more and more aware of the sexual pleasure I was deriving from being in such close proximity to his cock every fkn fact, it was not at all unusual for me to have been eating a bowl of cereal, watching cartoons on Saturday morning as my brother-in-law and sister 'slept in' clockwork, he'd ease out of their room quietly, buck naked and fully engorged and leakin' or even fkn ERECT, depending on how much time had just passed since fucking and then pulling his cock out of my sister's 17 yo pussy..."MY pussy", as he often bragged.

"Mornin' tiger...sister's gonna sleep in for a OK?" he'd say in a deep, husky voice, still breathing hard as he'd walk towards me, his cock STILL fkn bigger than normal...he'd stand next to me, mess up my hair playfully and often sit on the coffee table, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, cock throbbing and inches away from his hairy torso..."Can't piss when I'm this hard...and I've really gotta piss..." 

After a minute or two, he's go stand in front of the toilet, eyes closed, his cock just a little less than parallel to the floor...I'd always take the opportunity to watch him piss, in the shower initially, then hiding behind a door in the room opposite the bathroom. I'd watch his cock throb as he's start to release one, two, three droplets of piss/precum/cum...he'd place both hands against the wall in front of him to brace himself, head cocked back and eyes closed, the relief and satisfaction of emptying his bladder to return back for more.

From what I remember, he didn't touch his cock when pissing in the buff and sometimes wouldn't even bother shakin' off the last drops of piss either, as he'd do almost 100% of the time as when pissing in public toilets or when fully clothed. Rather, he'd stand there, deliberately throbbing his cock at will, looking at it without the slightest hesitation or hint of self-consicousness.