Sunday, March 24

Celeb u would bate with if u could ( forum)

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I do not know why (nor do I care...) as I'm not really a fan...
truth is, I barely even like the man BUT there it is.
Whenever I see him playing on TV, my cock rises to FULL ATTENTION, 
followed by some of the filthiest 
str8/gay j/o fantasy stuff 
EXCLUSIVE to Lleyton and Lleyton alone...
(...and his big fkn thick cock too, of course).

 Am absolutely certain he'd be a really good root!

~ ~ ~  
And you mate...

Which hot celeb(s) would you bate with...if you could?

Manhandlin' that cock (gif loops)

...yea U !

Manhandling that fuckin' cock

Well done, mate.
~ ~ ~

Cockproud n handsfree.. (bator videos)

(repost...improved video file quality )
Cockproud n handsfree

That's what I'm talkin' about...

Top heavy manhood 
proudly squeezin' out another
thick, juicy load of cum
...hands free.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~