Tuesday, January 15

Smile All Over (video slideshow)

Had a little time on my hands
so I threw this together

...just a little help to make you smile,

...all over.

Sunday, January 13

'SUCK-On It...' (video clips)

~~~  C O C K  ~~~

Reckon this 
hung, cockproud, exhibitionist
knows a helluva lot more
than just a thing or two about
~~~~  COCK  ~~~~

What do y'reckon...
71/2 , 8 , 81/2   

Thursday, January 10

Bating Boners Over the Fkn Edge (video clips)

I reckon there are as many different 
bate and jacking techniques...

as there are different 
being bated, jacked, stroked, 
pumped, pulled and drained...

FUCK YEA !!!!!!!!

'RM' and 'cockcentric' blog members
receive this complimentary gift  ;) 
(For a limited time only...)

Saturday, January 5

BW forum: "Who Are Your Top 3 Fav Bators On Bateworld?"

True to form,
I just couldn't resist tellin' it like it is.

"Who are your Top 3 favourite bators on Bateworld.com ???"

  • Recently...totally HORNY for...blown the most loads jacking-off, perving and chatting with:scruffcub
  • Bate bud who I fantasize about bating with most...the hung bator who makes my cock RAGE and my heart RACE: antoen62
  • Watch this space...gotta feelin' bout horny batemate, batetatxyz

Thursday, January 3

"If it ain't broke..." (video clips)

 A+ video compilations

Shout-out to
(relatively new video promo)


"I want you to take his cock..."

"Load after load after load..."

"Gloryhole Initiation"
(music/video compilation)
 ~ ~ ~