Monday, November 12

Personal style (video clips)

edging, leakin', 
jackin' it and gettin' off...
their way! 

homemade video clips

COCK Rules !!!

Saturday, November 3

One video for every inch... (videos)

I recently received an email from an anonymous blog follower suggesting the following for future blog posts.

 ~  ~  ~ 

Sir, Thank You, Sir.

Thank you for your big-ass, heavy, steel cockring that sustains the blood flow that makes your cock so mesmerizing and suckable. It's not every day I encounter a man whose cock is ideally suited to his body, his personality and sexual energy. 
Sir, Thank You, Sir.

May I suggest, as a token or gesture of acknowledgement to your blogs' followers...
post one video or image pic to reflect every one of your 
 '7 solid inches'.
Sir, Thank You, Sir....Anonymous

My pleasure, mate...whoever you are.
 ~  ~  ~ 
Cock Cream
Fleshjack Fuckr
Executive cock
 GH Initiation
gh video compilation (music video edit)
THE Bate !!!
 (Fuckin' L-O-V-E, love, LUV this boy!!!!)
Cheers Butch!

~  ~  ~

 Feedback request:
Which one of these fkn men (and/or his cock)
 pushed YOUR BATE over the edge ???

Visible Penis Lines (slide show)

~ Visible Penis Lines ~

(updated Nov 2012)