Saturday, September 29

"Leave a penny...take a penny..." [vid comp]

When watching one clip after another 
of this 8+ minute video compilation,
is anyone else reminded of the good ol' fashioned, 
'honour system' utilized by 'mom-n-pop shops'
across the U.S.?

To cut losses accrued over time from 'writing-off' the odd cent or two to account for patrons' small coin shortages, 
many shop owners place(d) a can, cup or ashtray at the register in which their patrons could benefit from their own reciprocity simply by doin' their bit and contributing to the effort ;)


Wednesday, September 19

Cockworship...Cockservice (video comps)

C'mon man...
Need to crank it up a notch?

Time to push your bate over the edge
 and blow your fuckin' load? 

 If  full-on cocksucking's your thing,
 forward to 05:30

Indulge in MORE cock than u can shake your own stick at!

And one more for the road, just in case.

...just for your 'boner'.

Saturday, September 8

Never enough Girth (Brooks)...[video clips]

Big cock...
length, weight, strength, shape and of course,

This man's 'stage name' just so happens to be 
the most celebrated attribute of his  
perfect 8.5" *fucker.


Girth reminds me of so many of my brothers' mates,
as well as some of my own, as of late.
Just good ol' fashioned boys
whose girlfriends or wives DO NOT suck cock,
much less suck cock WELL.

They take matters into their own hands 
given the slightest window of opportunity 
to have their cock serviced properly,
and  get into some serious skull-fucking, 
thrusting his load forcefully down the cocksucker's throat.

Then again...

I don't know everything...

Wednesday, September 5