Tuesday, July 31

ELP 03: bigthickprick

ELP 03

Rather than bore you with the details, 
read for yourselves just how fkn FULL-ON this FUCKER is 
about his own fkn COCK...aware of its sexual stature 
and damn proud of it!!! 

"...Anyway, I'm just here to bust a nut and
 get off looking at you horny motherfuckers jacking your cocks.
 I'm a pretty well endowed..." 

12:47 AM 7/30/2012

Seriously...your cock is RI-DICK-U-Lous!!! From your cocky attitude, I reckon u've long since been aware of it's power...am more curious, however, when you became conscious of its 'perks' and start using it to your advantage...???
And, would appreciate your consent to feature your cock in my new blog, 'cockcentric'...as the most recent 'ELP' or Envy Lust Pursue...  Let me know mate...


1:20 AM 7/30/2012

Thanks fucker. Feature my cock in any way you want. Use as many pics as you want. Just send me a link. As far as when I became aware of my big cock and its advantages, I'll have to get back to you with a longer response when I have time. Later today probably.

Extra points for really puttin' it out there...
and backin' it all up!
~  ~  ~ 

Saturday, July 28

Q:...You EVER get enough cock?

A:  Hmmm...well, how long's a piece of string...?!!?

Admittedly, answered with another question...but c'mon!!! 
It doesn't take a genius to workout what this blog's all about...
then again, repetition is key to learning...

That outta refresh his memory...

'cockcentric' slide show...For KEN

 for KEN...

Every now and then, I receive private email messages that inspire me to reply with relatively more than a courteous acknowledgement, however genuine.

 I reckon I'm pleasantly surprised and even a bit proud (gulp...) that men across the world use my blog for their respective sexual satisfaction. That is, TO-GET-OFF, deliberately or incidentally...s'long as the ride was ROCKIN'!

Yet, it's messages like the the one below, which inspire me to create and post some of my favourite stuff  My blogs' followers and bate mates ARE the inspiration for much of what is posted...and for whatever reason, I just don't get around to acknowledging far too many of my most dedicated followers.

  Movin' forward...
Case and point, I received this email message (below) over a month ago, and am just now getting 'round to finalizing/posting my reply to it now... 
inspired by Ken,
a brand, spankin' new 
'cockcentric' slide show video 

for KEN XXXX...
It's just my way of sayin',
"Cheers mate...appreciate your candor, 
your perseverance...and your Balls!"

 ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

On 21 June 2012

From Ken XXXX
Hey Man!

I don't know how I missed this one, 'Take A Moment' slide show posted Jan 2012). I was surfing around and fell into it last night. [Wednesdays are long days and boring nights here!] I liked it, but not too impressed somehow....what a variety. However this morning I looked at it 3 times and it really touched me.  

The music is very nice and you did a perfectly wonderful display of all sorts of gorgeous men. I didn't want to get off, just get hard and watch and eat the 'drool' as it flowed out. Man, you really know how to put it all together.  

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Your horny buddy in (North America),

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

Thursday, July 26

'C'mon mate' slide show

Created this slide show video as a nod 
to the bi/straight men who follow my blogs 
or the few I've been lucky enough to j/o together online,
 using either BateWorld.com/ or Dick.net/.

Music:Lady GaGa - "Electric Chapel"

Wednesday, July 25

Fuel THE BATE (videos)

...at your local gloryhole.

Need directions???

Reckon these men know the way...

...as well as those who bypass 
all physical barriers, 
instinctively connecting with cock, 
uninhibited in their drive 
and dedicated cock-service.

'Brotherly Love' Phallic Interview

From Mrs. Candy's classic website, 

"I am delighted to have this opportunity of continuing 
my Phallic Interview series. 
In today's interview, (Mrs. Candy) talks with 
19 year old Alex, 
a young man who has two older brothers 
with who he has shared sexual experiences.

Alex is a very articulate young man 
and it was a pleasure corresponding with him 
on this rather sensitive issue. 
In addition to being utterly charming, 
he is also blessed with a very beautiful Phallus.

Without further ado, 
I am delighted to bring to you this 

Mrs.Candy: Can you please describe your first sexual experience with your brothers? Where did it happen? How old were you? How old were they?

Alex: I was thirteen, my brother Mike was about 14 and a half and Tom was a few months short of 16. Our parents had rented a cottage for the last two weeks in August and it had a very small cramped sauna where we used to go after swimming. We would lay our towels on the benches and sit naked and joke and shoot the shit. We joked about a lot of things and especially about sex, and we were always pretty open about that subject. Often Mike made me the subject of his sex jokes because he had caught me masturbating several times at home in my room after school, and once in the sauna at the cottage after my swim (I have always been very horny and I still masturbate at the very least twice a day and usually more). Also we shared a room at the cottage and so he saw me or at least heard me jacking off every night and every morning, even though I always tried to do it subtly. Anyway Mike thought it was hilarious that I the baby of the family should be so fucking horny all the time, so he called me baboon boy and was always making jokes about how horny I always was and how I liked to choke the chicken every spare minute I could get.

Anyway, on this particular day we were sitting in this sauna, and Mike was in one of his frisky joking moods even more than usual, and he said to Tom, "Guess who I caught here yesterday jacking up a storm? Baboon boy here."  Then he said to me "Hey sperm balls, if you feel you need to drop another load so your balls don't turn blue, don't let us stop you." And then he said to Tom "do you want to see how fucking hard up he is?" And all Mike did was just reach over and touch my dick with the tip of his finger and of course in about five seconds I was totally stiff. And then Mike gave the skin on my dick a tug and said "how do you jack off with that thing?" The situation was that my two older brothers were circumcised when they were born but I wasn't. It was normal where I came from for guys to get circumcised at birth, but I was born in Europe while my dad was on a work exchange and our family had moved there for a year. My dad is a family doctor and he at first intended to get me done later, but he sort of changed his mind, or put it off indefinitely, because at that time (I was born in 87) doctors were questioning the value of circumcision. Actually I did finally get it done when I was about 14 or 15, but that's another story.

So anyway, my brothers or at least Mike was very curious about my 4skin and I think that that was the main reason why he tried to get me aroused in the sauna, so he could see how it worked. There was so much talk at that time about what's better, being cut or uncut, and I guess that he was curious as well as probably horny and maybe he had a fetish about it. So anyway, I jacked myself a little to show them, then Mike yelled "let me try" and he started jacking me, then Tom yelled "let me try" and he jacked me for a while. They both had hard ons but they didn't jack themselves off right then and there although I'm sure they did the first opportunity they got. But I was so incredibly aroused that I came in a few minutes and because I was so aroused a shot a huge jet that went way up in the air and my brother howled and yelled "Oh yes baboon boy".

That's how it began. A day or two later, when Mike and I had gone to bed, Mike was horny and asked me if I wanted to try out his circumcised penis and see what the difference was like. I'm sure he was more interested in getting a hand job than enlightening me about the difference between his dick and mine, but I wanted to jack him off and see him come. The idea made me incredibly excited. It wasn;t the first time I had jacked off a cut cock. I had been doing mutual j/o with my best friend since the first moment we hit puberty. But all cocks are different, and Mike's dick was different from my friend's, so I was still curious to try it.

In the next couple of days I was alone with Tom in the sauna and I asked since he had jacked my cock, could I jack his. He said sure, so I jacked his cock and this was a huge thrill because I had had sexual feelings about Tom for an extremely long time and touching his hard cock was a gigantic turn on.

After that, I messed around with my brothers from time to time. With Mike it was always just mutual j/o. He liked to see how horny he could make me so he would jack me off to the verge of coming and then stop, then start up again, and it really seemed to amuse him how worked up I got and then he wouldn't let me have an orgasm unless I begged him and he always laughed his head off to hear me begging for my orgasm. But it never went beyond these j/o sessions and eventually we stopped having them. With Tom however it was more intense and it went beyond just j/o. Even though Mike was the more open about sex, talking about it and joking about it and grabbing my cock in the sauna the way he did, Tom was (is) I think, a much more sexual person, and our sex sessions continued and got more and more experimental.

Did you experience any feelings of guilt or shame after the first experience? If you did, how did you feel? If not, did you ever consider sexual experimentation with your brothers as something taboo?

Alex: I never felt guilty about it myself. I have always been an extremely sexual person for as long as I can remember and I have always just accepted my feelings. However my brother Tom did feel guilty about our sexual relationship. Somehow he had the idea that he had taken advantage of my innocence or something, but the truth was I was always the instigator from the first time I asked to jack his cock in the sauna, and even before I messed around with my him and Mike I had already messed around with my best friend Ian. Ian and I had jacked each other off, sucked each others cocks and played with each other's butt holes, so I was hardly an innocent by the time I first jacked Tom off, and even at that first time there was a lot more I wanted to do but I wasn't sure at that moment how he'd react.

How did the sexual experiences change/develop over time?

Alex: Like I said, with Mike it was just j/o. With Tom it went a lot farther. When we got back home from the cottage I went into his room one night. It was pretty late and I began talking to him about sex. Again, my different circ status was a really convenient pretense for starting up the topic. I told him that I was seriously thinking about having it done (which was actually true) and I got him talking about his cock and how it functioned sexually. I said the only thing that made me doubt whether or not I should get cut was that I wasn't sure how I could jack off without my 4skin and would I have to depend on lube and so on. I asked him if I could try his cock another time. He said yes and pulled his cock out of his shorts (he was already hard). I started jacking it and then like I was overcome by some kind of deep instinct, I bent down and took his cock head in my mouth. It felt so natural to do that for some reason. I began sucking him and he let me do it. I sucked him for quite a long time until he began to breath really heavy and then I felt his load shooting into my mouth. He was extremely turned on because he came incredibly hard and with a huge amount of jizz. I swallowed it and it was a gigantic turn on...

For the rest of this interview, click on: 
 Phallic Interview - "Love Thy Brother”
From Mrs. Candy's classic website,

Tuesday, July 24

ELP 02:edgestroker

ELP 02

Finally connected with this 
UBER masculine, HUNG STUD 

~ ~ ~

It is with great appreciation and respect
  with which I present...
"Love to masturbate with a buddy watch porn, 
edge and go for a long time, 
one on one or a small group. 


I also enjoy being stroked while I kick back, 
relax and watch some of my favorite vids.

Thursday, July 19



I firmly believe that all 'cockcentric' men 
DO have quite personal preferences and biases 
about the 'PERFECT COCK'...

Care to challenge me on this?!!?

cock that I 'envy'
cock which elicits non-sexual envy,
especially among other Alpha Males...

cock that I 'lust'
 cock that I (always have, do and will) fantasize about
when jacking-off, bating, edging...

cock that I 'pursue'
cock that has persevered
cock that gets ME off...
~ ~ ~

Kickin-off my personal 
'Cock Perfection' collection...

ELP 01


extra points...

Monday, July 16

Alpha Male...Alpha Cock (video)

Another 'RM' transplant...

I love to imagine that 
this stud's hangin' round the locker room, 
after-hours or early morning...

After a good 30 minutes in the lap pool,
hits the showers and finds he's got 
the wet area all to himself...

No matter how you stroke, suck or bate it...
It's ALL(ways) about COCK
...mine, yours...HIS!!!

Sunday, July 15

THE Perfect Cock ('RM' repost)

(and my personal reverence for it)
 personifies and reflects 
my evolving 'cockcentric' sexuality -
the foundation upon which 
'cockcentric blog' 
has been created, crafted, nurtured
then launched.

I even get-off sayin' it, 
over and over as I bate and stroke,
watching him and his cock 
turn men into boys, 
Tops into bottoms and even
str8 men into 'not-so-str8' men.

This man's cock speaks for itself!
Plucked directly from 
'Raw Masculinity'...

Girth Brooks


Str8, gay4pay, sexually adventurous 
Alpha Male...FUCK Stud

Tuesday, July 3

THE Cock of KINGS - celt9555

(The envy of MEN everywhere!)


 'Discovered' this man on Xtube a few years ago...
even today, I maintain that 
this man's cock is KING...

I simultaneously envy and crave this man's cock
and credit it/him as the 'inspiration' 
for my new personal collection/series,


Enough foreplay and cockteasing...
kick-back, press play, pull-out your cocks...
then let's just fkn DO IT (with him) !!!

Sexual Orientation: 


Sexually Daring: 

I'm curious

Sexual Activities: 

Giving Anal Sex, Giving Oral Sex, Massage, Mutual Masturbation, Receiving Oral Sex

Sex, When?: 

Afternoon, Mornings, Weekends, Evenings, Noon, Late Night, Weekdays

Practice Safe Sex: 


Most Erogenous zones?   

Back, Belly, Butt, Inner thigh, Neck


A dark back alley, A movie theatre, A moving vehicle, In the nature, A dressing room, My bed, The beach

Making home videos/pics: 

Have a few videos of myself