Wednesday, October 26

quiet Ecstasy (video clip)


And to think just how many men around the world, at that same time, dropped trou, lined up a personal go-to vid on their respective digital devices, or horny cam session for a stress-busting, midday wank and blow...

Countless men stroking their cocks and shooting their loads, EVERYWHERE!

Monday, September 26

"Horny Bstrds' slideshow video

"Horny Bstrds"

...even HORNIER to behold.

slideshow video featuring 

by Madonna

Saturday, May 7

Wednesday, March 30

TIMJACK's 'Keiran' strokin' his mega hung cock (video)

Mega HUNG, dirty talkin' 

 TIMJACK Exclusive


TIMJACK Exclusive

After blowing his massive load, 
the cameraman asked him how he was feelin'...

"...very close to God..."

Tuesday, March 29

'Abusing a good situation' (XTube Porn Video)

MEN being MEN
(Xtube Porn Video)
"... funin the room during IML 07...
Just walked in on them already playing and managed to get one end free to play. 
I decided to fuck this hot *****s ass to warm up. lol"